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Tourist Attractions

Nador is a treasure trove of natural beauty, from its serene Mediterranean beaches to the lush landscapes of Gourougou Mountain. The city’s markets buzz with activity, offering a taste of local life and traditional crafts. With its proximity to Spain, Nador also presents a unique cultural fusion that’s evident in its cuisine and architecture. Embark on a journey to Nador, where every turn is a new discovery and every moment is a memory in the making
Nador City
Key Infos

A Heaven for All Seasons

Whether you’re planning to wander through the bustling markets, hike the scenic trails of Mount Gourougou, or simply relax on the sandy shores, Nador’s climate is welcoming all year round. With its clear skies and gentle breezes, Nador is a destination that promises pleasant weather for every traveler’s itinerary. Pack your bags for Nador, where the weather is as warm as the hospitality, and every season brings its own unique charm.
Places to Visit

Famous beaches of Nador

These beaches are known for their natural beauty and offer a range of activities from relaxation to water sports. Enjoy your time at these local spots!

Al Kariat

Stunning coastal charm, a beach area renowned for its breathtaking natural beauty

Cala Blanca

A paradise beach southeast of Cap des Trois Fourches, known for diving opportunities


A village with a breathtaking view from the cliffs and clear water for swimming


It has a huge white sand dune

Sidi Lehsen

A beach known for its free entrance and turquoise pure water

Mar Chica

The largest salt lagoon in Morocco, offering spots to relax and watch flamingos

Charrana Beach

Known for crystal clear waters, perfect for swimming and diving

Ifri Beach

A beach area within reach

Plage d’El Kallat

A clean beach with restaurants and various beach activities available

Bocana Beach

A large, undeveloped beach with calm Mediterranean waters

Bouyafar Beach

Offers breathtaking views from the top of the cliffs and clear waters for swimming

Minarosita Beach

A less crowded beach, ideal for a quiet visit
Dining Options

Café Al Boustane

In Beni Chiker, Nador, is a unique destination that offers more than just a dining experience. It’s described as a place where you can enjoy delicious food in a setting that’s both strange and traditional. The café is also noted for having a small zoo and an archaeological museum, providing a complete recreational experience. Visitors have praised the café for its excellent cuisine and the serene environment it provides. If you’re planning a visit to Nador and are interested in exploring local culture, history, and cuisine, Café Al Boustane seems like a must-visit spot on your itinerary. Enjoy your time there!
Extra Dinning Options

Check these Restaurants!

Samuku recommends additional options for you, these restaurants provide the best choices for clients by offering different flavors to satisfy all.

Restaurant Abbas

Savor the taste of the sea with fresh fish dishes at this popular spot

Bulls Burger House

For those craving a hearty burger, this is the place to be

Restaurant El Ferdaous

Enjoy delicious chicken prepared with local flavors
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