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Our Mission

A World of Happiness and Respect for Nature

At Samuku, our mission is to create a world where happiness flows freely, where connections with nature are not just occasional escapes but a way of life, and where appreciation and respect for the environment are as natural as breathing. We strive to be a haven where these ideals are not just spoken of but are lived and experienced every day.
How it Started

Where Dreams Converge and Journeys Unfold

In the heart of Samuku, there’s a story of two souls, Sami and Yurgi, whose dreams were as vast as the oceans and as free as the wind. They were wanderers at heart, each on a quest to discover the world’s wonders, until fate had them cross paths. It was then they realized their dreams didn’t just match; they intertwined, creating a tapestry of adventures that spanned continents and cultures.
Our Story

A Union of Passions

Sami, born in the coastal enclave of Melilla, always knew the world was his home. A sports enthusiast with the spirit of the sea in his veins, he became a master of the waves and the wind. With 25 years of experience in scuba diving industry, a kitesurfing maestro, and his life is a dance with nature. But that’s not all—Sami is also a dedicated nature protector, a passionate chef of international cuisine, and a lover of rhythmic movements, both in the kitchen and on the dance floor. Speaking five languages, he carries with him a wealth of knowledge about nature and the history of the surrounding lands. Belgium, Thailand, England, France, Tunisia had been his home for some time. Yet, it was his open heart and open mind that made him a citizen of the world.Yurgi, hailing from the verdant lands of Lithuania, had a journey that took her from the bustling cities of the United Arab Emirates, Spain, and Thailand to the realization that her soul was meant for the tranquillity of the countryside. Her past in office jobs was a stark contrast to her present, where she found serenity among animals and fulfilment in teaching and practicing yoga. Speaking four languages, Yurgi’s voice is a melody that speaks of peace and protection for all living beings.
Samuku's Creation

A Heaven for the World

Together, they stopped traveling the world; instead, they made Samuku a place where the world came to them. Their open-mindedness and love for socializing turned Samuku into a melting pot of ideas, experiences, and heartfelt conversations. Here, guests aren’t just visitors; they’re friends, each with a story that becomes part of Samuku’s legacy.Sami and Yurgi’s dream was never just about exploration; it was about connection. At Samuku, they don’t just share their expertise and passions—they share a piece of their hearts. Whether it’s through a scuba dive that reveals the ocean’s mysteries, a kitesurfing session that teaches the art of harnessing the wind, or a yoga class that brings inner peace, every experience is infused with their love for life and nature.
Samuku Adventures

Invitation to Samuku

We invite you to Samuku, where every stay is more than a getaway—it’s a journey into a world where dreams are lived, connections are made, and the beauty of nature is not just seen but felt. Come, be a part of our story, and let’s create memories that echo the joy of living in harmony with the world.

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